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Photography & Graphic Design Services to Meet Your Unique Needs.

Something Different

Different approach, different vision, different results.
That’s the key to standing out in the crowd.
I don’t do trendy-cookie-cutter-creative.
I’m all about custom creations & experiences.
You have something different, special, & unique
to offer the world.
I’m here to help you prove it.


When Experience Matters

With photography as my primary creative method of choice, I’ve evolved through award-winning airbrush illustration, design, animation, photo imaging & illustration, as well as a collegiate educator. Such experiences allow me to manage several aspects of the creative process, from conception to completion. Whether for book covers & marketing collateral, band photos & posters, brand identity, or exceptional portrait creation, I offer a plethora of creative resource in one place backed up by decades of experience.

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I’m in the greater Portland, Oregon area and I work with clients all over the U.S.

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